Why choose the Tax Office of Peter Gillman…

CPA, Attorney, or Enrolled Agent Designation – Yes!

More than 80% of credentialed preparers are not CPAs or Attorneys. Peter Gillman is a licensed-CPA (Illinois) State. He is an authorized Federal and State tax practitioner located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Professional Accreditation – Yes!

Peter Gillman is bound by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Code of Professional Conduct regarding confidentiality, ethics, continuing education, and professional behavior. He is a full member of the AICPA.

Competitive Professional Fees – Yes!

The Tax Office of Peter Gillman charges competitive CPA hourly fees for income tax preparation. For most clients, the fees are fixed for the year based on the estimated time to prepare the income tax returns. Typically, the fees include tax advice and planning.

Tax Advice and Planning Yes!

Peter Gillman is always available to take your call, text, or email for tax advice and planning. It is typically included in your fixed annual fee for income tax preparation.  Call our Fort Collins tax planning office to get started.

Audit RepresentationYes!

Peter Gillman will always represent you with the IRS and / or Department of Revenue if he has prepared your income tax return. He stands behind what he prepares.  IRS and Department of Revenue audit representation fees are charged on an hourly basis.

Tax Preparer Identification Number Yes!

Peter Gillman puts his number on each return. He has a Tax Preparer Identification Number as required by the Internal Revenue Service.

E-filing ReturnsYes!

The Tax Office of Peter Gillman electronically files all income tax returns.

Signature of ReturnsYes!

Peter Gillman signs every return sent out.