Agricultural Tax Services Colorado & The Western US

Running an agricultural business requires knowledge of the industry to ensure success. The same is true with planning and preparing of agricultural taxes — you want to ensure your taxes are being handled by a professional with in-depth knowledge in AG tax services. This will guarantee your taxes meet all compliance requirements and you’ll have valuable insight into tax planning and preparations specific to farm and ranch operations. The Tax Office of Peter Gillman has been operating since 2015 in Fort Collins, Colorado and we have more than 20 years of experience in AG taxes.

Your business’ profitability has a direct correlation to the taxes you pay. Your livelihood depends on a thorough understanding of farm tax laws, special requirements, and AG deductions. Working with an agricultural accountant will help you better understand the following:

  • Special rules for ranchers and farmers only
  • Prepaid expenses including feed and supplies
  • Proper reporting in regards to expenses and income
  • Tax breaks such as net operating loss, fuel credits, home office deductions, and other farm tax exemptions.

Your business and tax laws are ever-changing. Get the professional help you need to ensure that your AG tax planning and preparation are compliant with current laws and can save you as much money as possible. Call the Colorado-based team at The Tax Office of Peter Gillman to learn more now.